Hello and welcome to UBC!


I’m delighted that you’ve made the decision to take your social media game to the next level with UBC.



To get access to the UBC Community and the UBC Online Course, you need to do the following:


Here are your first steps:

1. forward the *COMPLETE E-MAIL with the invoice* you received via email to the following email: INFO@UBCMRR.COM

(please no screenshots etc., the original email with the invoice must be forwarded!)

2. now you can register for the course!


Please read carefully!


You will find the link to the course under the following instructions!

There you will first have to create a Skool account.

Then you have to answer 3 COMMUNITY questions. As they are in English, I will translate them into German for you:


– Who did you buy the course from?

Corinna Kastenschmidt


– Have you forwarded the complete email to info@ubcmrr.com? If you have not yet done so, please do so now, otherwise you will not be admitted to the course.

Complete step 1 and then select „Yes“


– What is your email address?

Simply enter the email you used to purchase the course.


3. link to the course

Here you will find the link to the course, where you will also have to answer the questions above:




If you have any questions or anything is unclear, please write me an email directly!



Otherwise, I wish you lots of fun!


Yours, Corinna